ATTN: BOOKING@GEOHAIRLAB.COM has been created for JEREMY’s clientele only.  FUTURE questions and requests for appointments - after the attached form is filled out - are to be directed to this email only and we will get back to you by the end of that specific business day.  If this is about a linked color appointment or any other service provider OR SAME DAY APPOINTMENT, please call the salon as usual.  All other requests will be returned to book online or to call 865-249-6892 during business hours.  Please review information below for the remainder of the year and 2018! :)

I hope 2017 has been so great to each and every one of you!  Thank you so much for sharing your love with GEO HAIR LAB & our sustainability and cruelty-free initiatives!  We just celebrated serving you for 2 years and we couldn’t be more excited for the future!

I know most of you have had quite a time this year trying to consecutively have your hair cut and styled by me.  I LOVEEE the community we have and my time with all of you! I’ve spent the last few months brainstorming, researching, and traveling to other cities/ salons in order to create a game plan for the best way to accommodate a fabulous experience for you.  This has been a challenging and fun process!   

My goal, starting immediately, is to give ample time to my cutting process and final styling of your hair so that you leave with my whole energy serving the most important parts of your daily hair experience. From this point on, I’ll be working with an exclusive personal styling assistant that is dedicated to delivering a gorgeous shampoo and blowdry experience prior to coming to my chair for a world-class dry haircut and final dry styling experience including any straightening, curling/ waving, or blow-out touch ups that may be needed.  Before your arrival, your shampoo/ blowdry artist will be educated with any personal custom styling tips and products needed to achieve your final result.  Many great artists all over the world deliver services in this way allowing them to focus their energy on the specialized craft they’ve developed for decades. My new haircut price will be $70. The good news is that you get me concentrating even more on your final product and I will be able to serve you on a beautiful, recurring, and consistent basis! WOOHOO!!!

I will continue to cut hair  every Thursday & Friday, a few Wednesdays per month and one Saturday per month.  My behind-the-chair hours will roughly range from 10am-8pm depending on the  day of the week.  Please complete the very short survey at  the bottom of the page within the next 48  hours as you can and I will personally create your appointments for 2018 based on the detailed information you provide! 

We will get back to you via the email address entered on the form below with your 2018 appointment dates and times. Again, I understand that things come up during the year so now worries about not totally knowing your schedule! When you need to make a change to a specific appointment, please use only and we will reply by the end of the business day. If it is a same day emergency, please call the salon!

Thank you all and I'll see you soon!


Naturally curly-haired clients: Please express to my personal styling assistant if you would like to be blown out or diffused curly prior to shampoo upon arrival. We will then cut your hair dry if blown out or almost dry if being diffused. I highly recommend diffusing and leaving curly for precision cutting purposes.  If you enjoy blowouts occasionally, I recommend booking with one of our many talented stylists at GEO HAIR LAB! 

Woohoo!!! Please complete the following info for your preferred appointments...