We consistently provide the latest fashion-oriented techniques and inspiration for our team through in-house and out-sourced advanced education.

Our space is forever sulfate free, paraben free, ammonia free and cruelty free.

We strive to have the lowest carbon footprint possible and do business with companies with the same mission.  Not only do we use post-consumer recycled materials and/or recycle but in the future, we will find ways to create a positive carbon footprint.

We consistently source from local businesses, farms and organizations wherever possible to provide your in-salon experience.  If you would like to know about our sourcing practices during your visit, please ask any GEO Team Member.  

We focus our energy and finances to our surrounding community by creating lasting partnerships with local organizations that focus on human and environmental issues to make our community a healthier place.

We always have fun, are fabulous and make people feel and look their best - guilty free!